I just went through and deleted a lot of people that were on my friends list. If I have removed you, please un-friend me; the "also friend of" thing makes me nervous. I like to know who is reading my journal and that is the reason for this. I deleted people that just have barely or never even commented, and haven't posted anytime recently. Or people who I just don't feel that I click with. It's nothing personal, but this is my journal and I do like to keep a close-knit friends group to know who is reading my thoughts and details of my life.


Reminder: Go check out and laugh.
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Just a couple of things:
+Comment here before adding me.
+I write what I want. It's my journal. If I let you in, don't bitch and moan about what I write, k? And please, try and get to know me...don't add me out of randomness.